Criminal Checks – National, State, County

Criminal Background Checks

Accurate and comprehensive criminal background checks — when combined with Signet’s other screening services such as aptitude testing, reference checks, and drug screening — can give organizations the information they need to make the right hiring decision.

A National Criminal Check

A powerful, virtually instant, multi-jurisdictional search of hundreds of millions of state and county criminal records. This database is compiled from county courthouses, Department of Corrections (DOC) databases and Administration of the Court (AOC) files and is bundled with our National Sex Offender database to facilitate ease-of-use.

A State-level Criminal Check

A statewide search provides a criminal history per the state records available. Some states have up-to-date county-level records, but most state databases may only be updated periodically by the counties, so the checks accuracy and completeness often varies from state-to-state.

A County-level Criminal Check

Signet can retrieve county records from all 50 states using the repository of record to ensure completeness and accuracy. All counties are dispatched to our network of researchers in real time to ensure a fast response and are quality checked by our support staff.

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