Case Studies

Case Study – Priority Dispatch

A Better, More Efficient Drug Screening System

Situation: Priority Dispatch’s recruiters had trouble receiving drug screen results on time. The company’s eight locations could not invidually place orders into their system. In addition to not being being able to manage the process, recruiters often did not receive prompt notification of results.

Solution: Signet integrated Priority into their system, which involved setting up separate accounts for each location, so each territory could manage their own testing. Recruiters were set up to place their orders directly into the system. This also included access to LabCorp’s network of convenient testing labs throughout Ohio.

Results: Since using Signet drug screening services, Priority’s scheduling and drug screening processes are much more efficient. All drug screens are returned in a timely manner. Plus, Signet’s system sends an automatic email to the recruiter who placed the order, notifying that the results are complete.

Each territory can now schedule and track their own tests, and receive separate invoices. Recruiters don’t have to chase down information, freeing them up to do more important work.

  • “Signet consistently provides us with accurate, complete background checks and great customer service.  We ran a side-by-side comparison with Signet and our previous provider and Signet returned known criminal records that the other source did not.  We made the switch and have never looked back.”

    Stephanie Brauns Human Resources Manager, American Health Associates
  • “Prior to using Signet, we had to disperse drug screenings to multiple hospitals and urgent care facilities all over the country. We now have a national drug screening solution utilizing Signet’s partnership with LabCorp and its 1,600 facilities that are convenient and easy-to-use.  Signet has greatly simplified UASI’s drug screening process, saving us time and money.”

    Emily Thompson Human Resources, United Audit Systems Inc.