How Ohio Is Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

The nationwide opioid epidemic is dominating news, and the effects on Ohio residents are especially devastating. The opioid death rate spiked 13 percent between 2014 and 2015, among the largest increases in the country. Ohio officials say that the drug epidemic is a main reason for the 19 [...]

Why Choose Signet Screening?

We know you have a lot of choices when working with pre-employment screening partners. But, we believe that you have a clear-cut, number one option with Signet Screening. Signet Screening is more than just a “We check all the boxes” kind of company. We’re here to provide screening solutions for [...]

Get the Scoop on Background Screening

Signet Screening President Matt Messersmith gives us his take on the answers to the most frequently-asked questions about pre-employment screening: Q: What’s included in typical background checks? Matt: There shouldn’t be a typical background check. At Signet, we offer customized screening [...]

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